La Luna 

a household vacuum that turns everyday chores into creative and constructive playtime

#designforchildren #ergonomics #housewares 

Problem: Parents need an easier way of motivating kids to clean up after themselves.

Kids are so messy! They play in dirt, make extravagant art projects, and have daily food fights. It is important that children learn the responsibility of cleaning up after themselves at a young age, in order to carry good hygiene and habits into their later years. 

"It takes too much of my energy to get my kids to clean up after themselves, so I end up doing it for them. Getting them to do it themselves is 90 percent of the battle."


-Lily, mother of 3 boys 

Child needs:

Eliminate wet application

Sound mitigation material over motor 

Weight dispensed through child-safe wheels 

Child-safe materials used 

Battery-powered and

child-proofed electronic


Simplify attachments

Simplify filter for child use 

Child anthropometrics

applied to handle

and clip design 

Replace with batteries 



Solution: A household vacuum that turns everyday chores into creative and constructive playtime.

After analyzing user interviews, product teardowns, material studies, and user research the goal of the shop vacuum redesign is much more clear and defined. Designing for parents to purchase for children, the three most important factors in the redesign are safety, ergonomics, and form. In safety and ergonomic measures, anthropometric measurements have been studied and understood

for child use.

Ergonomics will takes a large role in the form factor that will be created, in order to design a product that will be most effective and applicable for child use. Risk of injury has been minimized with the use of the vacuum system located in the bottom of the product, and the use of batteries. This mitigates the need for a hose or cord. By using three wheels instead of four, a more stable base has been created. Easy access to tank changing and filter cleaning allows for children to complete the tasks with minimal

parental supervision. 

cord management

mobile design

ease of disposal 

niche market of families

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