Helping provide management aide to healthcare workers. 

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About ShipShape:

Problem: Many developing communities receive healthcare supplies through foreign aid. Amounts of supplies are highly variable, and tend to come in at inconsistent times and quantities. Because of this and lack of management knowledge, much of these materials tend to expire or not be used correctly.


Solution: The goal of the project is to give healthcare practitioners fundamental supply chain knowledge useful for ensuring healthcare supplies in developing countries.

Our objectives are to: 

  • Create an experiential learning mechanism via mobile simulation

  • Mix a gaming environment with supply chain learning trajectories

  • Develop and launch in Ghana context

  • Broader target toward other developing countries

Objectives for our Project: 

Create an experiential learning mechanism via mobile simulation

Mix a gaming environment with supply chain learning trajectories

Develop and launch in Ghana context

Broader target toward other developing countries

Process and Deliverables:


  • Initial structures and templates

  • “Tabletop” and spreadsheet models

  • KNUST partner engagement

  • Pilot prototypes in U.S. and Ghana

  • Back office data collection and training materials

Agile Development Methods

  • Rapid prototyping

  • User testing “early and often”

  • Concurrent involvement

How are we tracking success?

  • Within simulation tracking

  • Anonymous data collected within simulation

  • Skill Advancement

  • Before and After Exams
    Measure student’s knowledge of SCM pre-and post-gaming


Skills Being Taught:

Inventory Reordering 

Demand Forecasting 



Dr. Kofi

“Hello, my name is Dr. Kofi. I’m a strong advocate for patient needs here at Central Hospital. If you need any help, whether with patient interactions or anything else, feel free to ask me!”

Nurse Awusi

“Good morning! I’m Nurse Awusi. I run a tight ship, so make sure you are adhering to the high standards I expect. I’ll be around for guidance as your role expands to meet Central Hospital’s changing needs.” 

Dr. Box 

Dr. Box, with a doctorate degree in Supply Chain Management, is sent to help students of the game learn general supply chain management concepts!


Luminosity presented our work progress at the Frontier Economies Logistics Lab (FELL) Luncheon on October 24, 2018. After presenting our progress, we played tabletop simulations with many members of economic and healthcare groups from Arizona State University. Our games brought great feedback.  We recently finished our first  user testing event, which was promoted to different international groups

around campus to ensure a diverse testing group. We had students from China, Indonesia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, and more sign up to test our application in order to give feedback. The feedback from this event was split up into action items based on different project teams-development, design, narration/writing, etc. Action items have been posted in Freedcamp and are being executed on. 

Inventory Game:

Forecasting Game:

Stock Rotation Game:

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