Combining research, agile prototyping skills, and game design to improve upon a wellness application that helps people understand more about their sleep health and quality. 

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About Resonea:

Resonea was founded to develop products to better understand sleep health and its impact on the human condition. The company has created sleep diagnostic tools to accelerate the treatment of often hidden sleep disorders. I led and participated in a team effort to design some of this application's functionality. My team consisted of myself, Cat Lewis (Industrial Designer) and Kusum Ijari (Computer Science Engineer).

Our goals for the project were to:

  • Increase user engagement within the Drowzle app

  • Incorporate validated and engaging gamifcation techniques into the current app

  • Enable users to easily understand the impact of their sleep quality on their daytime effectiveness

Market Research: 

User Flow and Persona: 

Research Takeaways: 

Small games, paired with functionality, can create a system that rewards a user more consistently.

Avatars have the potential to create a more personal user experience. 

Low Fi Prototype: 

Gamification of a medical app expands user group to an audience more interested in general wellness.


High Fi Prototype: 


Developed mini games to measure sleep 
deprivation over time.

Added app functionality to encompass general wellness and promote intrinsic motivation in users.

Incorporated points system to reward user engagement.

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