State Bicycle Co.

Packaging, textile, and experience design. Rethinking the way people learn how to put together their own bike. 

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Problem: We need to develop a better user experience around unpacking and putting together bikes. 

State Bicycle Company is an Arizona-based company that is dedicated to designing bikes that are playful and get people excited to get outside and ride. Most of their bicycles are purchased online. 


This project, inspired by all of the fun quirks around biking, attempts to lower the barrier to entry for new riders, as well as improve the user experience of the bike unpacking 

and assembly, eliminating the need for help from a bike mechanic or “Bike Guru”. 

Anyone can put together a bicycle. It’s as easy as... riding a bike! This project allowed me to strengthen my skills in packaging design, textile design, and improve 
my knowledge in manufacturing techniques

Company Needs:

Changes Made:

The final design secures the head tube and fork using cardboard pieces with slots designed for security. The saddle is also attached to the back wheel and adds support with the back wheel triangle, also made out of cardboard. Another change made was to include a 

component box within the shipping box, giving the user all of the tools needed to allow them to put their bike together on their own. There is a manual that comes with the bike that includes step-by-step directions on how to put their 
bike together.

Using my small paper prototypes along with my full scale model, I was able to create a Tek Pak for our manufacturers. I experimented  with different graphics for the print on the box, but ultimately chose a simple, iconic pattern. This graphic is easiest to replicate, and the most cost effective due to its low ink usage and single tone.

Prototyping and Manufacturing :

Asset 8_3x-8.png